• Beautiful sterling silver bang...
    MARY MACDO..   NJ06/20/21
  • Deal status shows "pending" ye...
    BRANT JUDY..   UTAH12/03/20
  • Great service and product. Wis...
    BRANT JUDY..   UTAH12/12/20
  • The earrings were the perfect ...
    JOSEPH KEL..   TEXAS12/10/19
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    JANEEN LEV..   CA08/09/19
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    KJ GORDON..   AZ11/27/18
  • Beautiful bracelet....
    NANCY JOHN..   WA09/03/18
  • VERY happy with our purchase. ...
    NICOLE MCK..   WA08/23/18
  • Beautiful! It's a gift so I di...
    CHRISTINE ..   HAWAII06/11/18
  • Beautiful ring that fits perfe...
    BRADLEY JU..   TEXAS06/08/18
  • Love this ring. The koa wood ...
    MARIE BISA..   NJ04/15/18
  • I purchased these for my siste...
    DEBORAH AT..   WY03/11/18
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    JAN MCCOLL..   OREGON01/07/18
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    REFUGIO GO..   WISCONSIN10/13/17
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  • The bracelet arrived promptly ...
    BILL PRICE..   PA08/29/17
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    OKSANA WIT..   NJ07/13/17
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    NIKI GHAVA..   CA - CALIFORNIA06/23/17
  • Always great service...
  • the ring is gorgeous, giving i...
    DENEEN GOL..   ALBERTA04/18/17
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